Valheim development update 2

We’re finally back after a well-needed vacation! Here are some of what we’ve been up to recently.

Towers Ruins

Prime Real Estate

Adding new, interesting (and challenging) locations is an ongoing process. Most recently we’ve replaced some very old towers with new ones. These all use the random spawn-system, so you won’t see the exact same tower very often.

Hugin arrives on the scene!


The world of Valheim can be a bit much to take in sometimes. Hopefully this friendly raven can make it a bit easier for new players taking their first steps toward viking-dom. Who knows, maybe even veterans can learn something new?

Hugin is the first NPC added to Valheim and meant to guide newcomers in a somewhat non-intrusive manner. We will keep improving him throughout development!

Clever Trolls

Also sprach Zarathustra

It seems that some of the forest trolls have learned how to use tools! More precisely, they’ve figured out how to bash better…

Also, their complexion has changed from moss green to a dusky shade of blue!

Troll Leather Armor

A ranger surveys his domain

The hides of trolls are notoriously thick and hard, yet supple and form-fitting once processed! We’re thinking that this armor is somewhat of a sidegrade to the bronze armor, altough we’re not entirely sure of just how… It looks kind of sneaky, so perhaps it should increase your sneaking efficiency somehow?

Logs are coming back in style

Bring out your inner woodsman and build a cabin to stand against the elements

Finally, you can build your dream cabin with the use of rustic logs. However, not all trees are suited for this purpose so you must chop down the right kind, the kind dropping ‘Core Wood’-material.

Big Axe

Axe me anything

Bigger equals better. You’re sure to be the most popular viking in the raiding party with this beast of an axe!

Robin arrives on the scene!

Working hard or hardly working?

In other news; Iron Gate has recruited its’ first employee! Please welcome artist Robin Eyre, who will be responsible for the visuals of Valheim going forward. Have a look at some of his work here: