Valheim development update 3: Mountaineering Madness

Haldor the Trader now open for business!

Got too much useless gold weighing you down? If so, you might be pleased to know that gold is no longer useless! A dvergr trader has started roaming the lands, and if you can find him he will have all sorts of wondrous dvergr inventions for sale. Bring a lot of gold though, his prices can be a bit steep…


The Wishbone is an utility item that can detect the presence of certain items and metals. Having it equipped produces a chime and visual effect which will intensify the closer you get to anything valuable.

Currently, the Wishbone can detect treasure chests and silver veins. Coincidentally, silver veins are now hidden beneath the ground.

Dragon Hatchlings

The mountains have become infested with a new type of enemy: a flying Dragon Hatchling! It will harrass you from the air by shooting ice projectiles, so get yourself equipped with a bow.

This enemy is in no way any indication of what is to come in the future!


The mountains will now also suffer deadly snow storms… stacking the odds of survival against you even further. If you’re prospecting high up on the mountainside and a blizzard catches you, your best bet is to build some shelter post-haste!

Reworked Status Effects

We have made some changes to the way status effects are implemented and communicated to you. The most apparent change will be that the UI have been improved and moved up to the right corner of screen, next to the map.

Other changes include that Torches will no longer make you warm. In fact, the ‘Warm’ status will now be the default state of the player, negated by being cold or wet.


Sometimes even a viking needs a break, especially now as the world seems to grow more dangerous by the minute… By taking it easy for a bit, you will get a positive status buff called ‘Rested’.

Examples of relaxing activities: sitting down by a campfire, lounging about in your house, or sleeping in your bed.