Valheim development update 4: Mountaineering Madness Pt. II – The Revenge

This update brings further refinements to the Mountains, and we consider the Biome as more or less complete for now!

Drake Nests

The Hatchlings are now called Drakes, and they can most often be found roosting in nests containing Dragon Eggs instead of flying around aimlessly.

Stone Golem

Yet another being has made the Mountains it’s home; the imposing Stone Golem!


You can now find a new material in the Mountains biome: Obisidian. These small, igneous rocks can be a bit hard to spot, but oftentimes there are a couple at any one location. They can be used for crafting Frost Arrows.

More Mountain Locations

We’ve added a few more locations of varying sort (abandoned log cabins, stone formations, etc) to the Mountains, so now the Biome doesn’t feel as empty as it did before.

Mountains Boss

The Mountains now has a boss, but what it looks like you’ll have to find out for yourself… 😉

Wolf Armor

This new armor provides Cold resistance which, since we added Blizzards last month, is very useful in the Mountains.

Improved Ocean

Waves are now tesselated, resulting in a much more dynamic sea.


Two new weapons have been added; the Bronze and Iron Mace. Great for bashing skulls!

New Furniture

The following new items are now available from Viking-Ikea:

  • A magnificient throne.
  • Improved table.
  • Rustic benches.
  • Trendy banners.
  • A viking chair.
  • A real fancy bed.

New UI Visuals

We got tired of the old UI so we gave it a facelift! Wood panels are always in style.

New Minimap

The minimap has also gotten some attention, it now has more accurately rendered Mountains.

What’s Next?

Going forward, there are a lot of housekeeping and other boring stuff to be done as we prepare to expand the Beta… Please stay tuned for more news on that! 🙂