Goodbye 2019!! Hello 2020!!

It`s Jan 1 2020 and I’m a bit hungover =). I will try to write a quick summery of this years happenings related to me and Valheim. It`s been an eventful year for sure. Crazy eventful to be honest. I have probably aged like 10 years …this year. So here we go =)

First important happening of 2019 was probably when Henrik Törnqvist joined me as my partner in crime. I have worked together with Henrik in many projects at our former employer Pieces Interactive so we know each other well. Henrik is a game designer at heart with a talent for structured and logical thinking, balancing weapon damage, building cool locations and generally fixing stuff. An invaluable addition to the Valheim development team and a good friend.

We moved in to our first office. Or actually two small office rooms in Skövde science park. It was not much, but it was home. And it was nice to get out from the apartment every day instead of sitting at home all the time.

So by this time I had only started a personal company out of necessity ( to be able to register as a steam developer etc ). But with HT onboard we quickly registered a new limited liability company and in the last minute I came up with the name Iron Gate! I like the idea that our logo is a gateway to other worlds. What lies beyond the iron gate?

Next huge thing happened, we kinda got a publisher…..but more on this some other time =)

And BAM!! My son Dante was born 20th of May!! Crazy right!? He is now 7 months old and is a huge cute baby at 12kg. He does not yet play Valheim, but I hope he will soon. It`s been slightly stressful to balance starting a company, making a game and having a baby to take care of when ever I’m not at the office. Fortunately for me, my fiance Marianne kept the fires burning and kept the Greydwarfs at bay while I was out hunting deer.

With the company up and running we soon found our first employee MR Robin Eyre. Honestly we could not be happier with the addition of Robin to the company. Not only is he an awesome concept artist, 3D artist and animator. But he is also a quick learner and had no issues switching to using Blender and Krita as his primary software tools instead of the more conventional software suits. On top of this, Robin has also become a good friend and is always there when you need a helping hand or someone to talk to.

The rest of the year we mostly spend working our asses of! Like 3 bearded vikings set on slaying The Elder!

Oh and late 2019 we finally moved to a another office. Its in the same building as before, but a few stairs up and a lot bigger. We now have room to grow some more. Which we hopefully will do this year =)

For 2020 we have a lot of plans. I don’t want to spoil things in advance though. So keep tuned and hang around our discord server so you wont miss anything important 😉